Hospital Guide


Keeping the short visiting hours, meal times, and must bulunulmaması physician visit in the room.
Between the hours of 10:00 to 22:00 every day, you can visit your patient EGEPOL Hospital.
Visitors entries to your patients in intensive care units is guaranteed to be a short-term control of physicians and nurses.
Patient visits to the health of your flowers, small children and do not bring food, the patient is kept short visit.
The patient should sit in the bed.
Yükseltmeyiniz not speak out loud and the sound of the television in the hospital.
Entering and leaving the patient's room for hand hygiene disinfectant use in the room.
Visitors to the health of a small number of patients are accepted.
Visitors have close contact with the patient is objectionable.
Personnel are kindly requested not to offer tip.
TC companions during their stay in hospital are required to carry identity cards next to
Accompanying persons rules to be followed
Consort, physicians and nurses should not make any application for the patient than directive. This issue is informed by the nurse attendants.
Consort, a hospital orderly and clean use of the goods and materials, must not damage.
Accompanying the changes in service or problems related to the patient information verilmelidir.Refakatçimiz nurse, hospital staff, except for unknown and untrusted people should not ask for help.
Request an appointment for a private EGEPOL Hospital 0,232,262 22 22 The phone number is available 24 hours a day

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