Emergency Medical Services


The first meeting of all patients admitted to the Emergency Unit of EGEPOL health worker (nurse, emergency medical technician, paramedic, and doctors) evaluated by the disease, according to the urgency classification (applying triage) is the appropriate section.
Require close follow-up and treatment of patients, as assessed by the doctor and the staff of heart disease, can be followed by monitoring of patients with symptoms such as respiratory distress, while the other trauma patients require close follow-up, headache, abdominal pain and other patients suffering from the 24-hour laboratory and radiology support units are assessed.
Resuscitation of Anesthesiology and Reanimation Specialist physicians with the support of the necessary cases and the necessary treatments may be performed quickly resuscitated.
The examination and treatment of the patient's condition is detected, then the appropriate sections of consultation by asking the patients requiring hospitalization are admitted to the relevant section.
EGEPOL Hospital Emergency Unit
•                    Adult and Child Basic Life Support Patient
•                    Adult and Children's Cardiac Life Support
•                    Emergency Approach to ECG and Rhythm Problems
•                    Approach to emergency trauma patients
•                    Emergency Airway Management
•                    Rapid Sequence Intubation
•                    Clinical Approach to the Poisoned Patient
•                    Severe pain and chest pain Emergency
•                     Approach to Severe Pain and High fire emergency
•                    Approach to chest pain emergency
•                    Emergency Approach to abdominal pain
•                    Approach to Emergency respiratory distress
•                    Emergency Approach to syncope and blurred consciousness
•                    Burns
•                    poisonings
•                    Drowning and Electric Shock
•                    Animal Bites and Stings
•                    Other Emergency Outpatient Services are provided.
•                    Also Adult Intensive Care Neonatal Intensive Care and Anesthesiology and Reanimation, to provide support services, and emergency CPR specialist doctors serving in the hospital for 24 hours.
•                         For ambulance service No. 22 22 262 can be reached under this number. Our     ambulance crews are well equipped and experienced in emergency services.

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