EGEPOL Hospital, Radiology Unit, working with digital technology, digital images obtained from diagnostic imaging devices, though digitally archived. Final reports are presented in CD patients and radiographs taken. Eco-friendly conventional methods, this application also offers a detailed analysis according to the images obtained. This technology eliminates the time kalkdıran film printing Reviewing images can be obtained at times can be shortened and enables a more adequate diagnosis. These images are evaluated by specialists experienced in custom work stations reported.

Also thanks to the technological infrastructure necessary EGEPOL Radiology Specialists from the hospital and the necessary reporting can take the images taken with an internet connection. EGEPOL Hospital Radiology Unit has the following devices:
Direct radiography systems + CR technology
Doppler ultrasonography,
4-Dimensional Ultrasonography
Bone Density Measurement (Full Body)
Digital C-arm image intensifier system,
Mobile X-Ray Equipment,
Computed Tomography (CT / CT),
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI),
Interventional Radiology,

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