Skin Diseases (Dermatology)


Dermatology, skin and mucous membranes of the skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), Dept. of dealing with hair and nail diseases.

Special EGEPOL Hospital Department of Dermatology Dermatologic examination of patients, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up are provided technological equipment.
Common dermatological problems, fungal infections, acne (acne disease), calluses, warts, pruritus, hair loss, hair growth, ingrown nails, eczema, psoriasis, hives (urticaria) and skin cancer due to sun damage.
Atopic dermatitis (often detected in childhood), allergic contact dermatitis, allergic skin diseases, such as sun allergies are diagnosed and treated.
Signs of skin aging dermatocosmetic approach, spots, acne scars, and cracks and cosmetic treatments are given counseling.
Solar awareness throughout. Patients are informed about the harms of protection.
Dermatological diagnostic METHODS:
-Direct Microscopic Examination:
Fungal, and bacterial infections and alopecia flows fast diagnostic method.
-Wood Light Review:
Spots (melasma, birthmarks), ala disease (vitiligo), and fungal and bacterial infections, disease-specific fluorescence is detected with color.
Moles (nevi), vascular formations, and skin cancer (malignant melanoma, basal and squamous cell carcinomas) dermoscopic morphological examination, early diagnosis and follow-up is applied.
Leather patch and skin prick tests:
Allergic skin diseases, detection or exclusion of material for the back patch test allergens (Truetest ®), coke prick test is applied.
Skin diseases, dermatological examination is not enough punch / incisional / excisional skin parts are taken from the lesions.
Dermatologic Surgery MEASURES:
-Debridement and Wound Care:
Burns, corns, calluses and dead skin ulcers and wound care, tissue cleaned and maintained.
-Cryotherapy (freezing treatment)
Warts, spots, sun damage lesions induced by spraying liquid nitrogen gas is applied to the skin lesions.
-Electrocautery (burning treatment):
Warts, moles website, raised lesions, lesions due to sun damage, skin ground after traşlandıktan burned with an electric current.
-Excision (removal of lesions)
Moles (nevi), vascular lesions, skin cancer removed and histologically examined aesthetic way.
-Intralesional Injection:
Tracks (keloid), acne and ringworm (alopecia areata) corticosteroids are involved skin disease.
Botox is derived from a bacteria, toxin (botulinum toxin type A). Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) disease, to patients refractory to topical treatment of hand, foot and underarm areas implemented into the dermis. Be repeated at intervals of six to eight months.
Dermatocosmetic APPLICATIONS
-Chemical Peel (fruit acids (AHA) and the superficial peeling of the skin):
Skin care, acne, scars, wrinkles, and skin cancer risk superficial lesions are applied.

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