Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

 TREATMENTS center, the ...

•Treatment of low back and neck pain.
•Treatment of low back and neck hernia.
•Degenerative joint disease (calcify) therapy.
•Osteoporosis Treatment.
•The prevention or restriction of joint opening of joint problems.
•Rehabilitation of sports injuries.
•Rehabilitation after fracture.
•Hip, knee and shoulder replacement before and after the rehabilitation.
•Before and after the rehabilitation of the anterior cruciate ligament surgery.
•Muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves of physical therapy and rehabilitation after injuries.
•The treatment of rheumatic diseases.
•Semi-and fully paralyzed after a stroke, spinal cord after injury, head trauma and rehabilitation.
•Rehabilitation of cerebral palsy.
•After the rehabilitation of facial paralysis.
•Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) therapy.
•Before and after meniscus surgery rehabilitation.
•Fibramiyalji pain syndrome (pain, especially), such as the treatment of muscle pain.


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