Chest Diseases


COPD is one of the most important diseases of Chest Diseases, part of our country is more than cigarette smoking is the failure of the treatment is delayed because of the increasingly artmaktadır.Teşhiste. How big is the early diagnosis of COPD treatment is successful deve. Responsible for the success of smoking cessation therapy in treatment increases the disease-causing head. Help smoking cessation studies are carried out in our clinic.

Anyone can apply to it the following test for the early diagnosis of COPD. The status of others evaluating COPD clinic advised to apply as soon as possible.
COPD is a chronic lung disease. Although it is a common disease, most patients are not aware that people who have this disease.
-Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
-Acute Bronchitis
-chronic bronchitis
-Interstitial lung diseases
-Upper and lower respiratory tract infections
-Lung tumors and mass lesions.
-Pulmonary Tuberculosis
-Chest wall disorders
-Chest Diseases in the diagnosis and treatment of applications:
-Pulmonary Function Tests
Reversibility test with the respiratory function
-Pleural biopsy
-Transthoracic fine needle aspiration biopsy
-Pleural lavage
-Pulmonary rehabilitation

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