People use a variety of methods to get rid of unwanted hair without sex discrimination. However, the ideal method is fast, painless, and easy to apply without the risk of infection and allergy olmalıdır.Bu meet the expectations of the most realistic method of laser epilation.
FDA-approved hospital company LIGHT AGE "Epicare" variable pulse alexandrite laser kullanılmaktadır.Lazerimizin selectivity of the most important advantages of high-speed adjustable pulse duration.
Every beats of 1.5 cm. Destruction of the hair follicle in a circle with diameter of 15 to 40 are not asleep at that time all the hair roots with edilebilmektedir.Lazer ray regions etkilenmektedir.Geniş 3 times shorter implementation times than the other systems.
Laser hair removal made in the skin before the laser pulse with CRYO 5 device, during and after the pulse becomes painless procedure and the possible side effects of continuous soğutulmaktadır.Böylece reduced.
Although individual results will vary depending on the region it is possible to do by up to 95% of unwanted hair.
1-2.5 mm stainless steel needles on the skin of the drum or similar device punch combo with the principle of microchannels on medical treatments. Which was filed with the microchannels or plasma rich in growth factors, platelet suspensions were applied (PRP) layers of the skin reaches the desired depth. It also triggered the formation of collagen and skin cells naturally refreshed.
This treatment can be used for many purposes but not so painful if you desire one hour before treatment, an anesthetic cream may be placed on the face can be much more comfortable.
Roller or stamp therapy, you or your doctor's complaint is deemed appropriate topical solutions that make it more effective.
Usage areas:
-Skin resurfacing and skin care, elimination of fine wrinkles, improve skin radiance and elasticity of the pores, reducing clarity.
 -Treatment of acne and scars, acne scars for the rest of the skin after treatment with the correction of Tibi, spot treatment, the reduction of fatty skin.
 Application-skin cracks, weight gain, making the resulting cracks pregnancy is used in such cases.
 -Hair loss, increasing circulation in the scalp and get better results by increasing the absorption of drugs applied to both the superficial one edilir.4 4-5 weeks may be required.
 -Your yakınmalarınıza determined the appropriate application and the number of sessions you special.
 Your doctor and your partner to meet your expectations is essential.
Peel off the superficial layers of the skin to moderate chemical peel procedures to speed up skin renewal, made with the purpose of.
Superficial peeling fruit acids (glycolic and alpha hydroxy acids) and maintained. Following these transactions, the patient can return to daily activities immediately.
Superficial peels applications;
-Skin animation, color, editing, troubleshooting lubrication
 -Reduction of fine wrinkles, skin moisture level to regulate
 -Acne and scars treatment
 -Blemish Treatment
 Facial Mesotherapy (mezolift)
 With this method, a natural substance into the skin, vitamins, growth factors, PRP, micro-injections of substances such as hyaluronic acid, making the upper and middle layer of skin renewal, revival of increased metabolism and stimulation of new collagen production sağlanmaktadır.Artan oxygenation of the skin, with an increase in elastin and collagen fibers within weeks healthy skin will look brighter and refreshed.
 Botulinum toxin wrinkles especially on the forehead and around the eyes (crow's feet) as first-line treatment seçenektir.Prensip the proper amount of medicine given into the muscles, the muscles in the area applied for a period of 5-7 months to gelir.Bu become unable to function and improvement in wrinkle in 3-6 days after application is likely to increase as well as decrease wrinkles.
 Filler materials suitable for the treatment of nasal rim deep wrinkles. Mutual talking to your doctor if you may be eligible to choose which process is recommended.
 And the root cause of hair in a better understanding of the spill with a microscope are analyzed and provided.
  Narrowband UVB light treatment (phototherapy)
 Vitiligo and psoriasis (psoriasis) is one of the most effective therapy for the treatment. Hospital, so that not only can be applied to the diseased area UV-B radiation therapy side effects have been observed local device (safely be applied to the scalp into the hair with the title) is used.
 Moles (nevi) are made and the follow-up examinations with dermoscope done with the computer.

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