Preoperative preparations you need to do.


Preoperatively, obtaining the necessary and appropriate measures, will be operated in a patient may have an increased chance of successful operation and recovery after surgery?
Yes. When a patient before surgery can reduce the operator's job a lot easier and you can do your own discomfort.
Way to be of help in the hospital before a patient can do?
a. Smoking, drinking. A few days before the surgery the patient is useful in reducing smoking as possible. This makes it easy to anesthesia and coughing, inflammation of the trachea, lungs, etc. konjensyonu. reduces the likelihood of complications.
b. Alcohol. Necessary to conduct the operation would be wise to not drink alcohol for more than a few days ago. May adversely affect the way the liver to get more alcohol. During a particularly serious operations, the importance of the liver is fully functioning and very much needed.
c. Sleep. Prior to major surgery, most patients a few nights. At eight hours required to sleep. A relaxed body earthquakes surgery (trauma) can be answered better.
d. If you are the crumbling teeth should be taken before surgery. If surgery is planned to be made with rotten teeth and infected gums should be treated before surgery.
What are some things to do in the hospital as a routine?
a. Intestinal functions. A few days after the surgery for the intestines from functioning in the majority of patients in surgery are enemas. If there is an acute inflammation of the intestinal tract or abdominal path referenced an enema.
b.Gıda reception. His stomach is empty is always preferable to a patient to surgery. After ten to twelve hours before the operation, no food intake in the routine procedure.
c.Yatıştırıcı drugs. Overnight prior to surgery to ensure the patient's well uyuyabilmesini usually given large doses of sleeping pills.
d. Narcotics, the patient quiet, in order to ensure that a semi-conscious state, the patient one or two hours before being brought into the operating room of a Demerol, morphine and similar drugs are injections.
e. Preparation of the wound area. A large area is shaved in the operating room.

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