Prenatal preparation you need to do.


On my bag (suitcase) or birth What should I put in my bag What should it be? Here is the answer to this question in the following Article we will find a complete way.
Preparing a mother gives birth, hospital bag should give importance to the season, according to him, should put clothes. Will provide all that is needed to be under the case on hand is very important for an expectant mother. Ready for delivery in case of preterm birth should be a few months before her mother feel more comfortable with this bag.
· Pregnancy and birth controls work and physician follow-up card file where the last you made of blood and urine tests, insurance card, health records.
· Telephone numbers of relatives
· 3 front-opening night
· 1 dressing gown
· Deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush, comb, shampoo, soap, wet wipes, q-tip, personal belongings, etc.
· Easily collect hair clasp or belt
Nursing bras and pads, especially from the front clasps · 3-4
· Cream for nipples, breast shield
· Breast pump (especially for ladies with nipple)
· Needs and disposable cotton underwear up
· 1 package sanitary pad
· 1-2 pcs athlete
· Paper napkins and towels
· You can wear casual clothes on the way home
· Thick socks to keep your feet warm
· Within easy've worn comfortable low-heeled, slip a pair of slippers
· Relieve you rest your favorite books, magazines, radio and cassettes
· Pillows for your comfort on the way to the hospital
· 2 units bady (short or long sleeves depending on the season)
· 2 units overalls
· 2 units socks
· 2 units of mouth tissue
· 2 units pajama bottoms
· 2 units hat and gloves
· 2 sets of clothes (zibin set, pajama sets, patiği, title, etc.)
· Vests and cardigans
· Blanket
· 3-4 diapers
· Car seat / carrycot of the mother or
· Towels, wet wipes
· 2 units gowns
· 2 units vest
· Baby Shampoo
· Hair Brush
· Dirty laundry bag

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