Why do check-ups?

 Once the measures taken after the capture of the disease and treatments are not sufficient at both the old and the cost of our health to shed a reach very high levels. It makes much more sense to take precautions so caught diseases.

In order to prevent diseases, hygiene, a balanced beslenmeğe, important to note that to establish a life of active and social. Besides, once a year yaptırabileceği healthy people "check-up" in the name of the controls that we can have information about the general condition of our body.
"Check-up" fill the symptoms of many diseases that can be scanned and no doubt encountered. According to the complaints of people who also deepened in various fields of research. Thus, the early stages of the disease is caught in a very uncomfortable without complaints.
"Check-up" fill the provided early diagnosis is very important. Early diagnosis to prevent the spread of communicable diseases within the family, the treatment costs are reduced by a terrific, in advanced stages of incurable diseases such as cancer are treated.
Besides all these advantages, such as cirrhosis of the liver, liver transplantation is now the treatment and transport can not be performed only as a result of death or to prevent diseases that are pleasing.
The most important part of this research before and after the tests is to be examined by a doctor patient. Because the main lines mentioned "check-up" is directed by a doctor. All laboratory results, the doctor will review complaints in the light of history and meaning. Further investigation or treatment is ultimately passed on the recommendation of the doctor

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