EMG (Electro Myografi) - ENMG (Electro Neuro Myografi)

What is EMG?
Monitoring of the body's nerve and muscle electrical method. Not to disturb the linear electric current intensity over the patient, using the electrical transmission functions of the nerves and muscles to exert this power potentials measured discharges.
EMG is required in which case?
Nerve entrapment (carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy fibular)
Nerve damage (Polyneuropaties)
Muscular Dystrophy (myopathy)
Nerve - Muscle Junction Diseases (myasthenia gravis)
Facial paralysis
Nerve compression, depending on the neck and waist hernias (Radiculopathies)
Studies on sensory nerves, nerve, from one end of the linear electric current intensity is not much bother the patient, while the other end of this potential, with the help of computerized devices are analyzed kayıtlanıp observed on the screen. Motor nerve studies from different parts of the power given nerve, muscle or muscles found in the nerve recordings are made to last. Thus, the cut nerve sensation on the move, whether it is full or a partial cut or interrupted as it is understandable. In addition, this examination, the nerve will improve over time, or how to recover and will not heal, surgery should not be needed to repair the nerve is understandable.
EMG recording electrodes in the form of muscle to put the needle into the review done by the muscles. EMG electrode wires in the handle of the tool depends on the electrical activity of muscles and allow you to see the screen. Investigated whether the muscle nerve broken, disconnected, gives the exact idea about that for a partial. In addition, if there is an abnormal condition that the spinal cord to the muscle, nerve root, peripheral nerve or muscle due to him says.
Operations EMG, ENG nerve examination, the examination of muscle EMG, there are those who ENMG both.
EMG-up time
Electromyographic evaluation, which can vary time can last for about 15 minutes to 2 hours is an overview.
EMG while shooting
· The patient need not be hungry,
· If you have medications that you are using on a regular basis there is nothing wrong in obtaining them. However, some medications should not be used in special cases, to scrub the bathroom and before shooting important to get a good shot.
· Comfortable clothes to wear, easy to examine. Arms or legs would shoot freely in accordance with the patients condition is recommended to wear comfortable things. Female patients is recommended not to wear pantyhose. Cream, lotion, oil should not be used.
· Sticking to a pacemaker stimulation of pre-examination is recommended that the patient or the patient 's family physician. Hepatitis, AIDS and other infectious disease or any disease that causes bleeding before testing whether the patient should be declared.
Neurology is made-up by appointment at our clinic.

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