A New Treatment Modality Rhinolight allergic rhinitis

The weather heats up in the spring, hay fever (allergic rhinitis) in the opening season. Growing plants blossom pollen and dust are a lot of people sick.
According to research one of every 5 people living in large cities sneezing, cough, runny nose, redness and discomfort, and this is having a negative effect on the quality of life. Such as hay fever, affects people of sufficient severity that might prevent job, respiratory complaints, loss of appetite, eats the inability to taste, also brings problems such as fatigue.
Drug and vaccine therapy in the treatment of allergic rhinitis, except, until recently, did not have much of a choice.
Drug therapy is very effective in allergic rhinitis. However, a variety of long-term operation, and are not preferred by patients because of side effects. Vaccine treatment of allergic rhinitis and the treatment may take a long time for each patient.
You no longer need as well as a year-round allergic rhinitis allergies have a new and alternative method of treatment:
Rhinolight (Phototherapy)
Rhinolight new therapeutic approach for allergic rhinitis can be an extremely successful results.
What Rhinolight?
Rhinolight with a special high-intensity cold light composition.
Rinolight applied to the nasal cavity for varying periods of 2-3 minutes the symptoms of allergic rhinitis ends. Rhinolight after treatment with nasal itching, sneezing, congestion, runny findings ends.
Rhinolight How to apply?
Rinolight an application made ​​in the examination. During and after application of pain, discomfort, discomfort is felt. Application is easy for the patient and the physician. In sessions of treatment is completed. Rhinolight, for 2 weeks, 6 sessions of seasonal allergies, allergy continuously applied to 8 sessions over 6 weeks.
  Rhinolight'ın What are the advantages?
Short-long sessions will provide an opportunity to receive treatment as soon as 2 weeks,
Be an alternative to patients who can not use or do not want to use drugs,
In your business, you're constantly improving the quality of life, social life, the condition of the patient recovery appear,
Can be used in pregnant women (pregnant women may be risky to use allergy medications. Rhinolight In this context, a good alternative treatment of allergic rhinitis in pregnant women).

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