What is PRP?

Reach Plasma PRP with the first letters of the words in the acronym Platellet a specified term. platellet cell type circulating in the blood and the cells started bleeding, clotting time. PDGF in these cells (derivated platellet growth factor) growth hormone called provides a kind. Besides the growth of this hormone in tissue repair, such as organizing and bringing the normal physiological functions of formation are also available. Platelletten exactly means rich plasma.
PRP applications all over the world can not solve many discomfort recently been widely used in medicine, and successful results are displayed. This is the major diseases are as follows;
Heel spurs (epin calcanei)
Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
Golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis)
Cartilage problems (osteochondral defects in young people, the elderly arthritis)
meniscal tears
Anterior cruciate ligament tears in half
How to obtain PRP?
PRP is obtaining one's own blood. taking one's own blood, given a certain period of time after conversion to santrifüjlerle rate of speed of the tube was found to be rich in cells in a certain place called platellet liquid is drawn into the syringe sterile conditions in the region. PRP obtained solution is injected into the patient in accordance with the procedure under sterile conditions of discomfort.
PRP is prepared from cells obtained from the person's own blood plasma solution and has no side effects and no risk. s success rate of around 90% of the studies indicate. This also means that, in a failure rate of about 10% is available. If there is no benefit in some authorities, it was purely a placebo effect (psychological) and stated that. The only complication was thought to have no effect, but the complaint does not even be considered. hence there is no harm. May provide psychological benefit even still be considered as a good result.

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