Bone Densitometry (Bone Density Measurement)


Bone Densitometry
A method of measuring the intensity of the materials in the structure of the bones. With this method, osteoporosis (loss of bone substance) determined so osteoporosis.
Causes of Osteoporosis:
* Adjusted for age, sex, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, such as lifestyle related causes.
* In addition, the bone material loss as a result of some diseases and medications may be taken.
Is it safe?
From using the computer until the X-ray radiation is used in daily life. Has no side effects.
What is the shape of the process of construction?
Near about 15 minutes to an operation done lying down. There is absolutely no pain and suffering. I just need to lie perfectly still.
Who is it done?
* All people at high risk for bone loss,
* All postmenopausal women after surgery or the natural way,
* Men over the age of 70,
* In the past, people had broken,
* That causes loss of bone diseases,
* Patients who have been sedentary for a long time,
* Captured decrease in bone density in patients with X-ray film,
* Cortisone drugs and epilepsy medications in people with thyroid hormone, bone measurement is required.
Other than that, Doctor of suspected cases to be measured consulted.
Files for regular check-up in the first three years is recommended. In the case of bone loss control physician will determine the treatment period.


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